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By advocating for policies that strengthen afterschool programming and helping local programs build their capacity to provide high-quality activities and experiences to youth, the Iowa Afterschool Alliance supports afterschool programs at both a systemic and individual level.

Our Work


The Iowa Afterschool Alliance views out-of-school time as the perfect environment for youth to engage with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) because of afterschool’s hands-on approach and informal nature. The IAA is part of the Active Learning Community Partners group, which provides STEM professional development to out-of-school time professionals across the state.

Staff of the IAA are certified observers in the Dimensions of Success framework, developed by the PEAR Institute at Harvard University to promote high-quality STEM activities in OST. We are available to help afterschool programs develop STEM activities according to this model. For more information about this tool, visit the PEAR Institute’s website:

Iowa Active Learning Community Partnership

The Iowa Active Learning Community Partnership (Iowa ALCP) consists of STEM professionals working in Iowa's informal education community. Members include the Blank Park Zoo, the Science Center of Iowa, The Iowa Children's Museum and the Iowa Afterschool Alliance.


The Iowa ALCP website is designed to be a support for anyone interested in providing STEM programming and activities to youth in an informal setting. The lesson plan repository, resources, and professional development opportunities target the needs of out-of-school time programs and staff. Out-of-school time can be defined as programming that supports youth before school, after school, weekend and/or summer programming. 

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