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Our Work

By advocating for policies that strengthen afterschool programming and helping local programs build their capacity to provide high-quality activities and experiences to youth, the Iowa Afterschool Alliance supports afterschool programs at both a systemic and individual level.

Across Iowa, afterschool programs are: 

  • Promoting social, emotional, and physical well-being for youth by providing a safe and nurturing environment. 

  • Helping students succeed in school and develop essential life skills by offering academic support. 

  • Preparing youth for future careers by bringing stakeholders together to contribute to workforce development.  

Iowa afterschool alliance:

  • Increases awareness of the importance of afterschool programs and their impact on youth development. 

  • Fosters collaboration among stakeholders, including schools, community organizations, parents, and policymakers to catalyze innovative, high quality, accessible afterschool programs statewide. 

  • Provides resources, training, and technical assistance to enhance the quality and effectiveness of afterschool programs. 

  • Advocates for policies and funding that support the expansion and sustainability of afterschool opportunities. 

  • Leads the Iowa Afterschool STEM AmeriCorps Program, which builds capacity for community-based organizations by creating high-quality lesson plans for afterschool programs.

Join us! Explore our website, sign up for our newsletter, attend our events, and get involved in advocating for expanded funding and resources for afterschool opportunities. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Iowa's youth.

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