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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for the Afterschool Field

We are facing an unprecedented time in the out-of-school time field. Some programs have had to close while others are drastically expanding their services to meet changing needs. The Iowa Afterschool Alliance wants to make sure that program staff, youth, and families feel supported during this time of constant change and uncertainty. To support access to information about how best to respond to coronavirus disease, we are maintaining this page with links to resources published by state and federal agencies and other reputable sources. This website will be updated with new information and resources as they become available, so please check back frequently. We also advise consulting your state education and public health agencies as well as your school district and local public health department for local information.

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State National Health Guidance

Iowa Child Care Guidance

Iowa Education Guidance

Employment/Business Resources

Other Afterschool Resources


Academic and Enrichment Activities for Youth & Families



Health & Nutrition



Social Emotional Learning


Other/Multiple Focuses

Virtual Professional Development

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